## 👋 Hi! I am [Ehsan Noursalehi](https://twitter.com/thisisehsan), an Iranian-American [interface designer](https://thisisehsan.com/) who enjoys [[Thinking-through-writing|thinking-through-writing]] This website is a collection of semi-polished and/or exploratory writing projects that I am sharing publicly in order to spark discussion and solicit feedback. Some notes will be very rough or might even just be a reminder to myself for a note I want to write in the future. Feel free to roam around and click on some links. #### 🤖 Active Projects 1. [[Developing a multiplayer tool for collaborative thought]] 2. [[Design Therapy — A Series]] 3. [[✨ Don't Get Distracted — Make Mocks and other reminders to myself on how to become a better designer]] (Early Stages of an Outline) #### 👀 Published Writing When my projects are complete, I archive them in [[My Published Writing, Talks & Videos]]. #### 🌳 About Ehsan's Notes 🔌 All notes written & hosted with [[Obsidian]] — I wrote more about how I use Obsidian in [[🕸 A designer's guide to networked notemaking with Obsidian]]. **Note:** if a link looks grayed out, that's a private note I chose not to publish. 💬 Reach out on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/thisisehsan) to say hi or share some feedback